Article Overview

Activity tracking allows servers to track the total time a user is interacting with a specific game/application. Interaction is denoted by the member having a status (Playing / Listening / Watching / Streaming) under their name on the right-hand bar in a server. By default, activity tracking is disabled and is the only tracked data type like this. In this article, we will review Activity Tracking and show you how to set it up for the first time.

Initial Setup

As of the writing of this article, you can set up to 10 Activities (games, applications, etc.) from the master list that we curate and update frequently with new games/applications by user request. More info on why we do this can be found at the bottom of this page. The steps to add Activities are:
– Navigate to the server Manage page.<serverid>
– On the left side navigation under Configure click on Stats
– Under the Tracking section you will see Activity
– Expand Select an Activity to display a list of current activities available.
– Click on the Activity you want to start tracking in your server.

Activity tracking configuration

Once you select an activity it will be displayed in the box below the drop down menu. If an activity is not listed, it can be requested via our support server by placing a support ticket. Read the “Request Activity” section of this article to find out how to request an activity be added.

Request Activity

Due to the nature of Activity tracking and the endless possible activities that can be manually set by individuals, we decided use a white-listing model. This keeps the your stats clean and verifiable in most cases. Follow the step below to request an activity that’s not on the list.

  • Run <prefix>show activity @user on your server targeting the user that currently has the activity that you would like to add.
  • Join the support server.
  • Direct Message our ticketing bot, “DM for Support”
  • Paste or screenshot the information that you received back from Statbot when you ran the <prefix>show activity @user command.

Tickets are handled in the order they come in and there is no defined turn-around time; however, we usually can get these requests done within 24 hours.

10 Limit

Activity tracking is the most expensive of the three available types. Because users can be in multiple servers, and because we must track the user’s activity per server for that server to have accurate stats, this adds up very quickly. This is why there’s currently a limit of 10 Activities for server. This is subject to change.