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Preface: The Statbot feature “Activity Tracking” (tracking of Games and Applications) will sometimes be referenced and shouldn’t be confused with generic “activity” which could be any Message, Voice, or Activity Tracking stats. These two terms will never be used interchangeably.

In this article we will cover the basics of Statbot, optional steps to setting it up, and also answer some questions that you might have along the way.

If you have already invited Statbot you can run some simple commands right now to get comfortable with your newfound power. Statbot’s default prefix is s? / S?. When explicitly set (through set prefix command or the dashboard), the prefix is case-sensitive.

Here are some popular commands to get you started:
s?help to see all the commands available
s?alias to see all command shortcuts
s?user <@user> to see a user’s stats
s?me shortcut to see your s?user on yourself
s?top to see top users and channels for message and voice

Your servers with Statbot in them will now also show on your /me page for quick access to your dashboards!

Note: If you just now invited Statbot to your server, it may take a few minutes for stats to start showing up in the commands and on the dashboard.

What is Statbot?

First and foremost, Statbot is a data-collecting and presentation Discord Bot tailored for administrators of Discord servers and businesses. This allows you as a server admin to view historical data and compare historical data in order to make informed decisions. Statbot does this by keeping a record of various events in a given server. Those events currently include:

  • Messages sent by individual members in the server
  • Minutes individual members spend in voice channels
  • Minutes individual members spend in games or applications
  • Total count of members of a server (“Memberflow”)
  • Total statuses (Online, DnD, Idle) of members in the server

Once collected, you then have the choice of viewing this information in neat graphs, charts, and Discord commands which will help you determine the activity of your server. Statbot has many different commands to view different types of data which you can find by using the s?help command or visit the commands knowledge base article.


Setup is easy with Statbot! Upon inviting Statbot, it will immediately begin recording the data of all the above events except for Activity Tracking which is explained below.
To start configuring your server via the site, simply login, click the server you want to configure (it must already have Statbot invited, link above), and click the “Manage” tab. This will take you to the configuration dashboard where you can set information about your server, change permissions to the bot and server dashboard, and customize the output of your stats. Here is also where you set up Activity Tracking. To do so, just go to the “Stats” sub-menu and select up to 10 activities you want tracked in your server. Additional information on the settings can be found further down in this article.
Note: Commands and data will start off blank at first. Please give Statbot some time to collect data as it is only collected after the bot joins the server and and currently does not have a way to see data from before then.


For full functionality, Statbot requires all permissions that are identified in the invite link (except for Administrator). You can remove permissions from Statbot, but doing so may result in decreased user experience. The bot will do its best to inform you when a permission is missing, however it is best to consult staff in the support server if you are unsure. More information on permissions will be added to this knowledge base soon. The default permissions are presented in the image below:


The default prefix is s?. As with many bots, you can change the prefix to better suit your needs. If you want to change the prefix you can use s?set prefix <New Prefix> or tag @Statbot#3472 followed by the set prefix command.

Example: If a server wanted to set prefix to a?, they would run s?set prefix a? or @Statbot#3472 set prefix a?.

Other Settings

Statbot has a number of configurable options for each server. Most settings can be set via the bot; however, you can also set them from the Manage tab referenced under Setup. It is important to note that there are a couple settings that can only be configured via this dashboard. They will have an asterisk (*) next to them:

  • Description*
  • Invite Link*
  • Lookback/ Timerange
  • Precision
  • Admin Only
  • Public
  • Prefix

If more information is available the above settings will have a link to that setting’s knowledge base article.

Lookback (Period, Range, History)

Lookback controls how many days back Statbot uses data for graphs and commands. This means that if you have a Lookback of 7 days, graphs and commands will use stats from the past 7 days from when the graphs and commands are loaded. Some commands and graphs will round this to 0:00 (12:00am) UTC of the oldest day. All data presented is “rolling” meaning that there is never a time that stats reset or become blank. Only stats older than the Lookback back from the current time will “fall off” meaning that they will no longer be included. The data is not deleted so by increasing the Lookback , you can once again include these stats. Because of the ever-increasing costs of storing all the data we do, servers without the History Upgrade can see back only 30 days.


We have made it easy for admins to exclude channels that they do not want showing on their dashboard and in commands. Data will still be tracked for these channels so an admin can easily remove and add channels from the exclusions list and not worry about missing data during that time.

If you want to exclude certain channels, you can run the s?exclude command and then tag the channel or provide its name. You can use this both on channels that still exist and ones that have been deleted.

Example: There is a “#bot-spam” channel that the owner of a server wants to remove from public view but still wants to track the message data. They can run s?exclude add #bot-spamor s?exclude add <Channel ID> or s?exclude add bot-spam. Each other these will attempt to find the channel and add it to the list. If the bot finds multiple matches on the name, it will provide a prompt for you to select which one you want to add.*
To view the excluded channels run s?show excluded and it will show you all your excluded channels.
You can also view and set all this from the Manage page on the dashboard.

*Hint: You can hover over channels on the web dashboard to see their channel ID.


Statbot is in over 35 thousand servers. Unlike some bots that only need to respond to commands, Statbot requires a lot of infrastructure to log all the data it does and perform its functions with precision accuracy. This is why Statbot’s premium exists. However, we have made it easier for you to get what you need and only that. In order to cover our costs but make sure each user is getting only what they need, we offer individual upgrades that you can pick-and-choose to activate for your server. The upgrades that are available currently are below:

  • History
  • Precision
  • Member Drilldown
  • Channel Drilldown
  • Statroles+
  • Statdocks+

Here is the link to the Upgrade Knowledge Base article. We will be happy to answer any additional questions you have if you join our Support Server.