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Preface: Statdocks are what most people know as as Discord “Channel Counters”; however, the name is different for a reason. Statdocks may contain multiple counters, such as a Statdock that contains counters for Online, DnD, and Idle counts separately. “Statdock” will refer to the resultant channel text and the configurations, while “Counter” will refer to a specific stat in a Statdock.

What is a Statdock?

Statdocks are Discord voice channels that display various information. The result is something similar to “hoisting” roles in a server, but using information and stats about the server instead. There are currently 16 “Counter Types” which you’ll find explained further down the page. These Counter Types can be mixed and matched into a Statdock’s Channel Text, with up to 4 counters allowed to be added per Statdock. Configuring these through the website will allow you to see a Preview with estimated channel lengths for Desktop and Mobile to make sure your Statdock text isn’t too long without the need for trial and error.

Example of Statdock Discord channel counters
Example. Counter Types from top to bottom:
Date & Time, Members, Members (with countdown), 3 Status counters, Members in Role (with online, dnd, or idle status).


Each server can have up to 50 Statdocks. Each Statdock may have up to 4 counters. Premium counters are limited to update at most once every hour however can be done more with the statdock update command.

Servers without the Statdocks+ upgrade will have their counters update on a minute offset between 0 minutes and the interval they has set. For example, a server on the 10 minute interval may have an offset of 3 minutes so their counters will update a 12:03, 12:13, 12:23, etc. This offset may be different for every interval. With the Statdocks+ upgrade, those same counters will update at 12:00, 12:10, 12:20, etc.

Channels can only update at most twice every 10 minutes because of Discord rate limit on channel name and topic updates. The update command cannot update any faster than this. Servers with the Statdocks+ upgrade can choose the 6 minute interval. This interval is 6 minutes because of other issues introduce with trying to maintain strict 5 minute updates.

Create a Statdock

Statdocks can be a little confusing at first, but with this guide you’ll be creating all the custom channel counters you want exactly how you want them!

After navigating to the Manage page of your server on, you’ll want to click on “Statdocks”. After that, you’ll be greeted with a screen similar to the screenshot below. Click “+ Add” to create your first Statdock!

Basic Settings

  • Name (Optional) – This only for you and will help you identify this Statdock in the list.
  • Channel Text – This is the text that will be in the Discord channel name and also where you will insert counters. You can click on counters in this box to open them up in the Builder and edit them. The dropdown will show some easy-access symbols you can add. Any character Discord supports can be pasted into this field.
  • Insert Counter(s) – These menus will present you with the different options for counters. Presets gives you a set of preset where able. Some Counter Types may redirect you to the Builder because they cannot be made with preset information. Builder gives you full access to all the different configurations you can make for counters.
  • Preview – This will allow you to preview your Statdock without creating it. When adding counters, “Test Text” boxes will appear for each allow you to add in values you expect to appear for them. Checking “Show Limits” will give you approximate limits for a Discord channel name. Discord cuts the text off after it exceeds a certain length, this differs from device to device.
  • Check Frequency – How often the bot will check for a change in counter values.

When you go to save the Statdock, the bot will attempt to make the channel. If it is unable, it will let you know what’s wrong and you’ll be given a chance to save the configuration even without the Discord channel. Otherwise, it will create the channel and you’ll be able to move it wherever you want in the Discord server. Be sure to mind the permissions and make sure Statbot has the “Manage Channel”, “See Channel”, and “Connect” permissions for each Statdock in order to update them.

Counter Types

In order to reduce the complexity of this article, only a brief explanation of each counter type and some common functions will be listed here. You are encouraged to click around the UI and explore the different configurations!

Regular Types

  • Activity Members – Members in the server interacting with a list of activities. Activities you list here must be exactly what Discord displays. You can use the s?show activity <user> command on a users interacting with the activity to get the name.
  • Activity Type Members – Member in the server with a certain status from: Playing, Streaming, Watching, and Listening
  • Channels – Count of channels in the server.
  • Countdown / Timer – A countdown to a specific date and time. Can be configured to show any combination of Minutes, Hours, and Days. Omitting a lower timeframe will cut it off. Has a preview box that you can use to see what it will look like.
  • Date & Time – Exactly as it sounds. Allows advanced formatting with dayjs and dayjs extended. Has a preview box that you can use to see what it will look like.
  • Members – Count of members in the server.
  • Members with Status – Count of members with specific Discord status(es) (Online, DnD, Idle, Offline) in a server.
  • Members in Role – Count of members in role(s). Additionally can specific a status and it will only display members in that role(s) with those status(es).
  • Roles – Count of roles in the server.
  • Voice – Count of members in voice channels. Can whitelist / blacklist channels or leave blank for all channels.

Premium Types

  • Stat Count – Sum of Statbot stats.
  • Stat Average – Average of Statbot stats over time.
  • Stat Change – Change of Statbot stats from one time period to the next.
  • Stat Top – Top member or channel determined with Statbot stats.
  • Reddit Subscriber Count – Subscriber count of a Subreddit.
  • YouTube Subscriber Count – Subscriber count of a YouTube channel. YouTube subscriber count is rounded to, at most, 3 significant digits. This is a limitation of YouTube itself. How to find your Channel ID.

Check Frequency

This setting controls how often the channel name will update. You may want to use less frequent updates if you want to reduce audit log spam. 6 Minute updates are restricted to servers with the Statdocks+ upgrade.


Statdocks can be deactivated and reactivated. Deactivating a Statdock will delete the Discord channel and stop the bot from checking the Statdock text. This allows to you remove a Statdock without needing to completely delete it. This can be useful for Countdown counters and others where you might want to re-use some settings you have in the future. Deleting a Statdock’s Discord channel will automatically deactivate the Statdock.